Schenck Process ProFlex® product family – loss-in-weight feeders for the compound, masterbatch and food industries

Schenck Process ProFlex® product family – loss-in-weight feeders for the compound, masterbatch and food industries
Schenck Process (Germany) - One tried and tested system. Three sizes. A wealth of variations.

No matter whether work involves powder, gravel, pellets, chips, flakes or granulates. To provide the optimum solution for any feeding task, Schenck Process has consistently developed and added to the tried and tested ProFlex® system. No matter what bulk material a weighfeeder needs to process, the extensive ProFlex® product family can master virtually all feeding tasks. What they all have in common is proven Schenck Process quality and stability, based on decades of experience in feeding technology.

The ProFlex® product family consists of three product ranges: ProFlex® C for compounding, ProFlex® F for the food industry and the vibratory feeder ProFlex® V. It is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications in the compound, masterbatch and food industries.

ProFlex® C. Flexible, compact, accurate.
Optimised design and flexible installation options make the ProFlex® C a tailored solution for the compound and masterbatch industries. The feeding system is used for the continuous feeding of bulk materials such as powder, granulates, pellets or fibres. With the ProFlex® C 500, 3000 and 6000 variants, the product family is available in three feeder sizes and a total of five hopper sizes. It can therefore be adapted to any individual space requirement. The hoppers are easy to clean and just two easily accessible sides are needed for service work. Various feed hoppers, gear reductions, screws and spirals are available. All models are available as Loss-in-Weight Feeders and volumetric feeders.

ProFlex® F. The hygienic solution for the food industry.
The hygienically designed feeding system is ideal for accurate, safe and hygienic feeding in the food industry. The product is designed to deliver continuous, volumetric and gravimetric feeding of food products. The feeder is available in hygiene level 1 for dry cleaning or hygiene level 2 for wet cleaning. It goes without saying that the design takes account of the basic hygienic requirements of DIN EN ISO 14159 and DIN EN 1672-2 for feeding dry products in a dry environment. All non-metallic product contact parts satisfy the requirements of EC Regulation 1935/2004. The gears are filled with food-safe lubricants. Customers can pick from three ProFlex® F sizes and various feed hoppers, screws and spirals.

Thanks to the MULTI-POINT weighing system, the ProFlex® product family is not affected by lateral impacts or vibrations. All the cables carrying power and signals between weighed and stationary parts are positioned within the protection of the weighing module, thereby avoiding unwanted force shunts.

ProFlex® V. New vibratory feeder with variable discharge length.
ProFlex® V completes the product family. Its two alternative discharge lengths offer the greatest possible flexibility for process integration. Turning the stainless steel feed hopper in 90° steps also makes possible four different discharge positions. This makes the chute feeder for granulate, pellets and gravel particularly versatile to use, easy to operate and space-saving to install. No additional parts are required for any of the variants. The discharge lengths are compatible with the ProFlex® product family.

Save space and time. Simple adaptations. Boost quality.
All ProFlex® variants have hoppers which are easy to clean and provide a design which is very easy to adapt, space-saving and enables optimum installation in existing and new production plants. The off-centre feeder arrangement allows up to eight feeders with close-fitting discharge pipes to be used. The drive and feeder setup can still be customized during assembly. For maximum flexibility, the direction of the discharge side can be easily changed at any time. With the ProFlex® V, Schenck Process is now offering the choice between different discharge lengths as standard with chute feeders too.

The complete product family includes ProFlex® C for compounding, ProFlex® F for the food industry and ProFlex® V, a vibratory feeder, making it the perfect choice for high-precision feeding in any area. The family is also maintenance-free, easy to clean and impeccably hygienic.

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