Schneider Electric raises Productivity and improves Load Factors with Ravas’ iForks Logistic

Schneider Electric raises Productivity and improves Load Factors with Ravas’ iForks Logistic
Ravas (Netherlands) - Rows and rows of pallets are stacked high in Schneider Electric’s logistic warehouse in Helmond. The cases on the pallets contain backup systems, climate control systems and security cameras: equipment for setting up computer data centers. And every single pallet is weighed. At goods reception, for verifying the content, and again at the shipping department, when preparing outbound orders.

Pleased with iForks:
“We are very pleased with our iForks”, says Van Geel. “I was looking for a way to determine pallet weights, mobile, not in a fixed spot, which also represented an ergonomic improvement. I hadn’t expected the impact to be this big. Not only is the weighing done much faster, - the floor scale really was a bottleneck -, we can also manage our floor space much more efficiently. We have won a lot of floor space thanks to the use of iForks. With iForks on a reach truck we also save one handling step on every pallet, meaning we can immediately stack pallets two high in the shipping containers, optimizing the load factor and saving cost. And we can now prepare more orders for shipment at the same time, offering better service to the client. And that is exactly what it’s all about.”

Reach truck with extra-long forks:
Schneider Electric uses four Jungheinrich reach trucks with Logistics iForks: long iForks with reduced fork height. The choice for the lower forks stems from the need to weigh low pallets, but for Schneider the extra fork width of logistics iForks represents an advantage as well: they handle many narrow, tall loads, which can be lowered from the warehouse racking with minimal wobbling, thanks to the wider forks. “Safety is a major issue for us. We value the opinion of our people on the work floor.”

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