SG Systems’ New V5 Product Line for Batch Manufacturing & Traceability: A true Quality Control revolution

SG Systems’ New V5 Product Line for Batch Manufacturing & Traceability: A true Quality Control revolution
SG Systems (USA) - The V5 Product Line is beautifully designed – it’s simple to use modules including MES, WMS, Formula / Batch Control, SPC, Product Labeling & features a refreshingly simple ERP / Accounting Integration Gateway for data import & export.

Featuring ‘Machine Memory’ for Operator preference learning and a user interface which is super easy to configure, it is sure to feel ‘at home’ in your production facility in no time at all.

The Stopwatch Challenge:
Speed is everything in manufacturing. So the development team at SG Systems used stopwatches to analyze the batch speed processes alongside the leading competition. Advanced V5 functionality significantly reduces operation time in all areas. The product is 50% faster to use than the leading competitor. Time is money isn’t it?

Worldwide Product Acceptance:
Supporting every known language by default, the product is designed for global acceptance. The V5 handles multiple simultaneous unit of measure, enabling rapid switching between lb, oz, kg, g & mg on the fly. Even between ingredient weighing…

Comprehensive help and support is built into the product to allow you to get the best from the product right out of the box.

Flexible Data Integration:
The V5 Information Gateway allows users to reliably import and export data relating to commodities, formulations, scheduling, operators, allergens, orders (PO & SO). A beautiful user interface allows file transfer review and provides meaningful feedback to allow you to integrate systems quickly and efficiently.

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