Shipping company optimises heavy lifts with New Load Cell System from Vetec

Shipping company optimises heavy lifts with New Load Cell System from Vetec
Vetec Weighing & Radio Technology (Denmark) - When a Danish shipping company had to get its cranes approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for securing heavy lifts in the offshore wind energy industry, it contacted the Danish company, Vetec A/S.

In close collaboration, Vetec A/S developed and manufactured a complete weighing- and overload system, which consisted of three parts. The purpose was that the crew easily, safely and efficiently could make sure that all the lifts occurred in the most optimal way, so that the projects could be executed with maximum efficiency and minimal risks.

The first part of the system consisted of two load pins, which was installed in the ship’s two 125 tons A-Frame cranes. The two load pins were connected to two small displays in the technical room and two large displays on the deck, in order for the crew to constantly be able to follow the lift.

The second part of the system consisted of load cells for the large maritime crane, which consisted of a 60 tons main hoist and a 10 tons auxiliary hoist. The load cells were connected to multiple displays that were placed in the hoist engine room, control cabin and on the deck.

The last part of the system consisted of a wireless remote control with a built-in display. The crew was able to operate the crane with the remote control anywhere on the ship. In addition, it was also able to read off the crane boom length and the weight on the main hoist and the auxiliary hoist. Moreover, the crew also used two 125 tons dynamometers to adjust and test the cranes.

The complete system is a combination of load cells, displays, dynamometers and a remote control. All the lifts are done in the most safe and efficient way, so that the crew and the crane operator have the best conditions for executing the projects in the harsh offshore environment.

Displays in the hoist engine room.

Displays in the control cabin.

Displays on the deck.

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