SIA Engineering Purchases Aircraft Weighing System from General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC)

SIA Engineering Purchases Aircraft Weighing System from General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC)
General Electrodynamics Corporation (Singapore) - SIA Engineering Company Places Order for A380 Aircraft Weight and Balance Equipment with Fully Automated-Calibration System.

Singapore Engineering Company, Singapore, has taken delivery of General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC) AN60 Portable Aircraft System earlier this month with a fully-automated calibration system to be delivered in early September 2016. The state-of-the-art system will be used on all Boeing and Airbus narrow and wide-body aircraft. SIA Engineering performed an in-depth technical evaluation of all offerors and found GEC’s product to be superior to the others. The piezo-electric, highly-accurate sensors, coupled with GEC’s off-level technology, made it an easy engineering decision.

The technical evaluation pointed out that shear-beam technology as used in the other offers products leads to inaccurate and unreliable measurements (Center-of-gravity calculations), with higher-life time maintenance costs.

Further noted, shear beam load cells only measure true vertical loads and true vertical loading very rarely occurs in aircraft weighing applications. Shear beam technology (bending beam load cells) fatigue with time and produce inconsistent and non-repeatable output.

About General Electrodynamics Corporation:
General Electrodynamics Corporation is the world’s leading OEM of aircraft weight and balance and center-of-gravity (CG) equipment. With over 40 years of aviation experience, GEC continues to lead the industry in technology, innovation and performance.

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