Single Deck Weighbridge Identifies Overloaded Axles

Single Deck Weighbridge Identifies Overloaded Axles
Accuweigh Pty Ltd. (Australia) - Vehicle axle weights are readily acquired for trucks entering a Single Deck Weighbridge at the JJ Richards waste facility in Gladstone, Queensland. Supplied and commissioned by Accuweigh’s Brisbane branch, the Single Deck Weighbridge is fitted with axle weighing functionality to eliminate instances of accidental axle overloading on vehicles leaving the plant.

The Single Deck Weighbridge measures 28 metres long by 3.5 metres wide with a weighing capacity of 80 tonnes and is certified for trade use. An Accuweigh IT9000E Intelligent Weighing Terminal generates the in-motion axle weight readings while vehicles are entering the weighbridge for static weighing.

A high proportion of the fines issued for overloading are not for exceeding the vehicle’s GVM, but are for overloaded axles caused by incorrect load positioning. Accuweigh’s customised axle weighing solution can be easily retro-fitted into many existing weighbridges providing the approaches are level and in the same plane as the weighbridge deck.

Axle group weights are also available from multi-deck weighbridges but these are substantially more expensive to purchase, install and maintain. The Single Deck Weighbridge uses a semi-pit foundation with the weighing deck at ground level to minimise land usage while also allowing for accurate axle weight acquisitions.

True to QWM’s motto "Made to Order – Built to Last", this single deck weighbridge has a concrete weighing deck that is designed for heavy duty operations and all steel work is fully hot dipped galvanised for superior corrosion resistance in wet and aggressive environments.

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