Sensy Single Point Load Cells "OFF Center" for Bulk Weighing

Sensy Single Point Load Cells "OFF Center" for Bulk Weighing

Sensy S.A. (Belgium) - Bulk weighing and wireless transmission.

One of our customers specialized in bulk distribution products wishes to optimize his supply chain.

He owns 10 stores and each of them has a hundred different bowls, each containing several kilos of goods.

He wants to have real-time control of solid quantities, by continuously weighing each container and centralizing their weight  at each shop.


SENSY solution consists of a "off center" weighing load cell model 2162L-20kg equipped with a wireless transmitter on battery.

This sensor will be mounted centrally under a tray on which the container will be mounted. Mechanical stops will limit deformation and prevent possible overloads.

It will be connected to WI-T24TR wireless transmission electronics operating on 2 x 1.5V type D batteries.

Wireless transmission eliminates the need for wiring and allows each container to easily be moved.

With a measurement every 20 seconds, this system has an autonomy of one year before replacing the batteries.

The reception of the measurements is done by a wireless receiver (WI-T24RE-BSU) which is connected directly to one of the USB ports of a computer.

Dedicated software generates a daily activity report that also allows to check the correlation between variations in weight and quantities sold.

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