The New Siemens SIWAREX DB Junction Box - your connection to the digital world

The New Siemens SIWAREX DB Junction Box - your connection to the digital world

Siemens (Germany) - The digital junction box SIWAREX DB guarantees by continuous integration, that data can be gathered and analyzed more comprehensive than never before. This data can be used optimally for targeted monitoring of weighing processes as well as for enhanced diagnosis and the simplification of services.

Error reports for each connected load cell will be shown centrally at the SIMATIC controller or the HMI panel. Even the load of every individual load cell appears already during commissioning.

SIWAREX DB offers the possibility, to connect a scale with up to four load cells and due to the digitalization of the well-established strain gauge technology it offers complete flexibility in the plant design. Using the SIWAREX WP231 as weighing module the seamless connection to a SIMATIC S7 CPU for SIMATIC S7-1200 is possible.

Whereas for the distributed I/O system SIMATIC ET 200SP, the use of a SIWAREX WP321 as weighing module is the first choice. Due to the rugged housing with degree of protection IP66, the SIWAREX DB also suits for weighing applications in demanding industry environments.

"With SIWAREX DB each individual load cell in your application can be monitored and potential downtimes can be reduced with remote diagnostics for the individual channels. The digital junction box is easy to integrate in your existing automation solution – even in demanding industrial environments, thanks to IP66 protection. It is connected to SIMATIC simply using SIWAREX weighing electronics", explained Siemens.

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