Spilled Sample? Keep Working While Maintaining Accuracy with the New XPR Analytical Balance from METTLER TOLEDO

Spilled Sample? Keep Working While Maintaining Accuracy with the New XPR Analytical Balance from METTLER TOLEDO

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - Press Release: Today’s busy laboratories are under pressure to produce, and spilled materials are often an unwelcome show-stopper when weighing. Not anymore. With METTLER TOLEDO’s patented lattice weighing pan, you keep working while maintaining the accuracy your process requires to enhance productivity and throughput.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to support your needs for an accurate, intuitive weighing experience with a new XPR Analytical balance. The newly redesigned balance comes standard with both SmartGrid and SmartPan weighing-pan technology to help you reach your throughput and accuracy goals at the same time.

These patented pans combined with XPR weighing excellence help to eliminate error from your workflows. The SmartPan weighing pan significantly reduces the effects of air turbulence on the load cell to promote faster stabilization and accurate results, even when you work in a fume cupboard. Additionally, under normal conditions, small samples can be weighed without the tedious step of putting a draft shield in place.

SmartGrid, while also eliminating the effects of air currents, has the added ability to let any material spilled during the weigh-in process simply fall through the grid to the surface below. Excess material doesn’t have a chance to negatively affect your results. You can process more samples, and cleanup can be put off until a more appropriate time.

The combination of faster, stable results along with fewer process steps helps to ensure you meet your goals of working fast and working lean. Discover for yourself the difference a well-designed balance makes. Check out the new XPR Analytical balance with SmartGrid & SmartPan technology from METTLER TOLEDO or request a quote today.

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