Stable, Repeatable, Low Cost Analytical Balance Made in Japan

Stable, Repeatable, Low Cost  Analytical Balance Made in Japan

Intelligent Weighing Technology, Inc. (USA) - Press Release: The popular HT balance series brings you world class weighing results for one of the lowest costs around. This series is made in Japan and has superb repeatability, temperature compensation and ease of cleaning. This versatile unit can also be battery powered with the dry cell battery option.

From analytical to rugged toploading balances, utilizing tuning fork technology, the Vibra® range meets most application needs. This technology has many advantages over others in use today. Inherently temperature stable, tuning fork sensor balances do not need a long warm up time. You can simply turn on the balance and within ten minutes you can start weighing. No fuss, no bother. The tuning fork sensor also gives high repeatability, higher stability and low power consumption. As there is no magnet and coil, it is also stable when weighing magnetic objects.

Because the HT does not have a force restoration or hybrid mechanism, the unit can be transported or shipped with much less protection than conventional analytical balances. Intelligent Weighing Technology can provide specially built carrying cases to allow easy and safe transportation, even flying as airline baggage. Allied with the almost instant start up, the HT series is the ideal unit for travelling between calibrations and is easy to set up in a new location.

This range enables you to, not only calibrate the balance easily, but also to diagnose the health of the equipment. Many laboratories have changing environmental conditions that can affect the performance of balances. The a-Check system will give a diagnostic menu of the conditions the balance is experiencing.

The antistatic draft shield can be completely removed for cleaning and disassembly.

With GLP capabilities and connectivity to the rest of your laboratory peripherals and the Internet, the Vibra® range offers simple solutions with accurate results. The HT can talk directly to Windows, with its free downloadable communications program. Other options include Density Kits, battery operation, remote display, Intelligent Ionizer, anti-vibration plate, underweighing hook and carrying case.

In capacities of 80 g, 120 g and 220 g, the HT is the best deal in analytical balances around. The HT 224 can also come with internal calibration.

About Intelligent Weighing Technology, Inc.:

Intelligent Weighing Technology, Inc. is an international provider of weighing products and components. With its 8,000-square foot facility located in Camarillo, CA, Intelligent Weighing Technology offers a high level of product inventory for faster shipping. But we don’t just ship product. Every balance that leaves this building has been checked out and calibrated by our expert staff to make sure you get the best product available. Built on a cornerstone of quality, precision, and service, Intelligent Weighing Technology provides its customers with the equipment they need, right on time.

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