Straightpoint Launches New Radiolink PlusTM Load Cell

Straightpoint Launches New Radiolink PlusTM Load Cell
Straightpoint (UK) - Straightpoint, a world leaders in the design and manufacture of force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cells, have launched a brand new version of their bestselling wireless tension loadcell, the Radiolink PlusTM.

The brand new version of the Radiolink PlusTM includes a new chassis and circuitry, together with a more streamlined shape, making it even more robust and practical than before. For example, the new design achieves IP67 protection even with the battery cover missing, ideal for use in marine and offshore conditions. In addition, the battery section now boasts reverse polarity protection, shielding the product from damage if the batteries are inserted the wrong way around.

The square corners of the loadcell have also been replaced by a new design, which gives it more ability to move in a clevis, widely used within marine, rigging, automotive, aircraft, offshore and construction industries. The new design, together with its new internal antenna mount, has also resulted in an enhancement to the product's span, giving the user a 360 degree range to read loads.

As well as these new enhancements, the Radiolink PlusTM product still retains its core safety and accuracy features, such as its inbuilt audible overload alarm for when items being lifted are nearing their maximum load; a long battery life of 1600 hours; damage and weather-resistant internal antennae and an unrivalled strength to weight ratio due to the advanced design structure from high-quality aircraft grade aluminium, making it very lightweight and easy to carry. The product also comes with a wireless handheld remote, which means that the system can be operated up to 250 metres or 800 feet away by its user, safely away from the item being measured.

Director of Straightpoint, David Ayling said 'we believe that our new Radiolink PlusTM loadcell is one of the safest and most robust load measurement products available on the market globally. With its enhanced weather resistance, new electronics and streamlined design, it's ideal for use in the most hardcore of applications, whether on longterm projects or one-off applications through our hire division.'

About Straightpoint:
Straightpoint, with two offices in the UK and one in the US, has been providing loadcells to companies around the world to ensure their loads are safe to lift, offload, pull or push for over 35 years.

Straightpoint's products are currently being used within a wide range of industries such as oil and gas, shipping, construction, renewable energies, lifting and cranes, mining, staging, test and inspection, and military applications. The products are available to buy or hire globally through its growing network of partners and distributors.


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