Strategic Partnership: Bizerba and Supersmart Introduce Artificial Intelligence into the Retail Sector

Strategic Partnership: Bizerba and Supersmart Introduce Artificial Intelligence into the Retail Sector

Bizerba (Germany, Israel) - Bizerba is a major stakeholder of the Israel-based start-up company Supersmart, a provider of cost-efficient, optimized, AI-based shopping solutions for the retail business. By merging AI (artificial intelligence), algorithms and computer vision into advanced software and hardware solutions, Supersmart and Bizerba achieve a fundamentally new customer experience in all sectors and formats of the retail industry. Additional economic benefits result from the optimized shopping process, the reduction of product losses and inventory discrepancies and shorter waiting and handling times at the checkout. The cooperation enables Bizerba to expand its product portfolio in existing markets and to offer an innovative, unique shopping process.

Under the “Supersmart powered by Bizerba” co-branding, the solution combines Supersmart’s innovative technologies with the retail expertise and the proven service and support provided by Bizerba. The joint offer consists of a mobile app (or a self-service handheld scanner or comparable devices, for instance) and an accompanying validation unit. Using the app, end consumers can use their smartphones to scan the barcodes of the products they choose before putting them into their shopping carts. The purchased goods are then verified by a validation unit. An AI-based platform uses sophisticated algorithms, multiple weight sensors and computer vision to validate the purchase within a few seconds, resulting in a greatly accelerated validation and payment process.

“Thanks to our 150 years of industry experience, we can fulfill the needs and requirements of the retail industry and the ‘Farm to Fork’ supply chain like almost no other provider. Based on this, we also strive to develop new technologies and to expand our product portfolio accordingly. Our successful history as a system provider exclusively results from our courage and our ability to innovate. Even in our fifth generation, I remain true to the values of our family, and this is why I support innovative, groundbreaking cooperations like the one with Supersmart. Bizerba thus demonstrates that we stay agile, open and innovative for our customers,” said Andreas Wilhelm Kraut, CEO, Bizerba SE & Co KG.

“The partnership with Supersmart not only enables the optimization of processes centered around trading fresh goods and all kinds of retail formats as well as the implementation of different customer strategies in the physical and digital world. Based on our cooperation, we can offer solutions that are comparatively inexpensive and quick and easy to operate. Together, we have implemented and successfully marketed solutions that are still tested as pilot or trial concepts by other technology providers,” explained Tudor Andronic, Vice President Retail, Bizerba SE & Co. KG.

“This strategic cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers in the retail sector lets our groundbreaking technology take another significant step forward. By combining Bizerba‘s 150-year competency in the retail industry with our solution, we only need a few hours to transform any supermarket into a real experience for end customers. Furthermore, we increase the profitability for retailers. We are grateful for the trust in us and we are sure that, together with Bizerba, we will leave a strong footprint in the retail sector in the years to come,“ said Yair Cleper, CEO and founder of Supersmart.

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