Systec IT4000E Weigh Terminal from Scaco now HACCP Certified

Systec IT4000E Weigh Terminal from Scaco now HACCP Certified
Scaco Pty Ltd (Australia) - The SYSTEC IT4000E Digital Weight Indicator by Scaco is now fully certified by HACCP for use in the food industry.

Apart from the HACCP accreditation, this unit boasts numerous other features that make it ideal for use in the food industry and other similarly harsh environments.

With the following features:
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • IP65 sealing rating
  • Bright 5.7” TFT colour display with wide viewing angle
  • Large weight display for improved operator visibility
  • Integrated power supply (no plug packs!)
  • Stainless Steel swivel mount-ing bracket included as standard
  • Sealed cable glands for all cable entries
  • Optional DC powered version for portable/mobile weighing
  • Can be connected to two (2) weighing platforms
Far more than just a weight indicator, the SYSTEC IT4000E is perfect for basic control applications with the added benefit of standard on board Ethernet communications (a Wi-Fi option is also available), USB interface for easy connection of external devices (scanners, printers etc.), a selection of standard internal programs and a wide variety of traditional communications options (e.g. RS232, RS485 etc).

Standard Applications:
  • Desk-top, Bench or Floor Scales – weigh & scan/print
  • Counting Scales – connect to one or two scales
  • Filling Scales – fast & precise two speed filling – set point filling/dosing
  • Check Weighing – under/over/accept
  • Online Control – remote con-trol of weigh scales via remote PC
  • Truck/Weighbridge Scales – truck scale transaction terminal
The SYSTEC IT4000E is ready for almost any application within the food and related industries.

More information about Systec IT4000E Weigh Terminal can be found here.

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