T-Scale’s New T28-III series Weighing Scale

T-Scale’s New T28-III series Weighing Scale
T-Scale International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - T-Scale’s new T28-III series weighing scale with the 3 color back light check weighing function.

The T28-III series Weighing Scale has the capacity range 3kg ~ 30kg with the max 15,000d.

The scale has a very compact structure with dimension of 157.6x243x238.9mm (HxWxL) and plate size of 230x190(mm). ABS housing is the robust and durable structure making it ideal for all retail & industrial use.

The scale has the dual power source of rechargeable battery pack and 100/240VAC 50/60Hz adaptor for reliable use at the all markets and its display has the 25mm LCD with three colors LED back light for both operator and optional customer display to view. It has 3 quick membrane keys for to operate Zero, Tare, and Check Weighing & Second Weighing Unit.

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