The completely Hygienic Weigher: MULTIPOND attains HDW and USDA Certificates

The completely Hygienic Weigher: MULTIPOND attains HDW and USDA Certificates
Multipond Wägetechnik GmbH (Germany) – "MULTIPOND has developed a weigher that meets the most stringent hygiene requirements in the food industry. The MP-14-3800-1250-J is the first weigher in the world to be certified by Hygienic Design Weihenstephan (HDW). Rating: Perfect hygienic design", stated the company.

Hygiene plays a key role in the food sector as well as with non-food products. The demanding requirements and strict regulations extend throughout the entire production chain and are affecting machine construction to an ever greater degree. MULTIPOND made the topic its own long ago; when MULTIPOND introduced the J Generation, hygienic design became standard. The company is also an active member of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). The organization combines under one roof the expert knowledge of machinery and component manufacturers, foodstuff industry specialists, and also research institutes and health authorities. The exchange with experts from various sectors generates important impetus for the targeted development of new solutions.

The independent experts from Hygienic Design Weihenstephan recently confirmed that all details of the MP-14-3800-1250-J meet the extensive design requirements of Hygienic Design Weihenstephan, which is based on EN 1672-2 criteria and on the guidelines published by the EHEDG. The HDW certificate confirming a Certified System for highly-sensitive hygiene applications has been attained. The American certificate from the USDA is valid for all MULTIPOND series of an identical design.

The weigher is designed to meet hygienic design requirements and conforms to protection class IP69. All liquids can be drained and collected by a special "Drip, Drop and Drain system". The associated collecting pan can be removed and cleaned without much effort. MULTIPOND has developed a hygienic channel coupling that operates without moving parts. The company has already filed a patent application for this innovative solution.

The certification for the hygienic weigher in compliance with the stringent directives of the HDW Certified System and the U.S. Department of Agriculture emphasizes MULTIPOND's unwavering pursuit to constantly improve its product range – to the benefit of those customers who have to keep pace with ever-increasing market requirements as they process their products. With "Engineered and Manufactured in Germany" quality, high-performance technology, MULTIPOND proves once again to be in the forerunner position on the market.

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