The Largest Cement Manufacturer in China with Weighing Controller General Measure M04

The Largest Cement Manufacturer in China with Weighing Controller General Measure M04

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - M04 Weighing Controller is designed for variety of weighing equipment. There are several options that can be chosen to tailor the various system, such us bagging scale, bulk scale, liquid filling and batching.

In this case, it is used on multi-head valve bag filling machine for cement packing for the largest cement manufacturer Conch Cement in China. A valve bag filling machine has 8 valve ports, each of which needs a M04 to control the weight packing individually. There is a process of bag-inserting, bag-clamping, taring, fast-filling, slow-filling, fixed-value and push-bag. The harsh working environment with dust requests the high IP level of indicator and stable performance. If the common weighing controller works in this case, it might be damaged in a short time, then the whole packing line will be influenced by unwanted shutdown.

M04 in this application can help to:

  1. Bag filling by weight -- high accuracy
  2. Continuous automatic production -- high efficiency
  3. Communication with PLC or host computer to show the packing process and result -- User-friendly

The stable performance of M04 in application well satisfied client’s need. After the first cooperation, we got another opportunity to expand the using of M04 in Conch Cement.

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