The Loma X-weigh system that simultaneously scans and weights

The Loma X-weigh system that simultaneously scans and weights
Loma Systems / Lock Inspection (USA) - Loma X-weigh: X-ray Inspection and Checkweighing in One Dynamic Solution

Loma’s X-weigh inspects for foreign contaminants while simultaneously weighing products in one compact system. The combination of the two technologies ensures that products are consistent in weight, size and shape.

X-weigh operates through a common user interface, enabling product set-up in seconds. The technology is simple to configure and boasts accuracies comparable to traditional checkweighers.

Unlike traditional checkweighers, X-weigh is unaffected by pack rate, speed, vibration, air turbulence or pack orientation. It is designed to survive harsh environments, incorporating heavy duty conveyor.

X-weigh complies with national weights and measures legislation and automatically calculates the correct reject set points for Canadian Average Weight legislation and American Minimum (MAV) weight control. The dynamic report package shows trends as well as performs batch analysis. Data can be networked via ethernet to a central computer or SCADA system.

X-weigh allows for multi-lane checkweighing, with each pack inspected according to its own target weight parameters. X-weigh offers combined weighing and object checking, ensuring products with more than one weight zone are compliant for both overall pack weight and individual weight zones.

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