The New D 850 Series of LED Remote Displays with PLUG'n DISPLAY Firmware from Rinstrum

The New D 850 Series of LED Remote Displays with PLUG'n DISPLAY Firmware from Rinstrum
Rinstrum Europe (Germany) - The new D 850 series extends Rinstrum product family of LED remote displays that have been developed for weighing applications with a strong focus on user friendliness and functionality. As in all Rinstrum LED remote displays they utilize industrial grade components protected in a sealed aluminium profile to ensure high degree of reliability in industrial environment. The alphanumeric LED display with super-bright LEDs (1400 mcd/LED) and character height of 140 mm (5.5 in) allows excellent readability of weighing information over 70 m (76 yd).

With the unique screwable connector system there is no need to open the housing for wiring or configuration via DIP switches. The wiring takes place in the large connector body, what improves the water protection and onsite installation time of the LED remote display.

PLUG'n DISPLAY Firmware redefines Functionality and User-Friendly onsite Installation:
The main advantage of the PLUG'n DISPLAY firmware is the protocol auto-detection of most common used protocols in the weighing industry. The D 850 detects automatically 26 communication protocols that are transmitted over RS 232 or RS 485 (Ethernet optional) serial interface to the remote display. Combined with auto-detection of baud rates and parities of the transmitted protocol there is no need of configuration on PC for the user. The brightness control function of the D 850 automatically adjusts the display to the light conditions avoiding strong illumination at night. These features allow a quick and simple integration of the remote displays in existing or new weighing systems.

The PLUG'n DISPLAY firmware is also available in all Rinstrum remote displays making them a perfect choice for easy visualisation of weighing information for both OUTDOOR and INDOOR applications in industrial environment.

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