The New Series 14C2-EW Multihead Weigher for fresh-cut produce

The New Series 14C2-EW Multihead Weigher for fresh-cut produce
PFM Packaging Machinery S.p.a. (Italy) - BP have recently introduced a version new multi-head weigher, dedicated to the fresh-cut salad and produce industry: the Series C2 14-Head weigher, has been further perfected.
  • The use of a new rigidised stainless steel, with a surface pattern and coating specifically designed to reduce friction and thereby increase product flow in the buckets and chutes.
  • New pre-dosing buckets with higher sides are able to accommodate all types of salad leaves even large ones.
  • New more powerful vibrating bases significantly increase maximum oscillation of the channels.
  • New rotating central cone controlled by brushless motor.

DMA Version:
‪‪The new 14C2 the fresh-cut salad and vegetable industry is also available in the exclusive DMA version featuring 5-8 litre buckets in direct alignment.This configuration allows weigher production to be doubled by feeding Twin vertical packaging machines or 2 trays simultaneously, which then go on to flowpack packaging or a tray sealer.

The exclusive DMA system is designed so that the memory bucket is positioned in direct alignment with the weighing bucket. This avoids the product having to be deviated out of alignment and enables buckets with double opening flaps to be used.‬ ‪For example: with lettuce weighing 250-500 g., 60+60 weighings a minute can be discharged giving a total of 120 weighings a min.

The new 14C2 weigher for fresh-cut salad and produce can be washed down with water jets. The buckets and chutes can easily be removed and dismantled. Weighing precision is guaranteed by the exclusive MBP software that takes advantage of the calculating capacity of the dual-core processor featured on the master control industrial PC.

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