TRIP - SAFE Overload Protection

TRIP - SAFE Overload Protection

IPA Private Ltd (India): Safety is a prime concern for lifting equipment's like, lifts, EOT - crane, mobile cranes etc. Loads are lifted without knowing the actual weights and over load of the lifting equipment can cause undue strain- damaging the equipment. The "Trip- Safe" is a compact overload protection device which uses a loadcell as the sensor and provides trip signals in case of overload. The combination of the "Trip-Safe" along with the RT Loadcell makes the solution low cost and very reliable.

Key Features:

  • Will not give a healthy signal if the "Trip-Safe" is not powered or if the loadcell (sensor) is not connected
  • DIN Rail mounted - Easy Installation
  • LED bar graph indication - for setting a status
  • Wide voltage input - can be universally used
  • Rugged design and reliable
  • Can be used with any sensor with mV output like pressure, angle etc.



  • Type: Din-rail mounted
  • Operating temperature: 5 °C to 55 °C
  • Power supply: 110-230VAC + 10%; 50Hz
  • Housing protection: IP-20
  • Casing dimension: 70mm X 109mm X 75mm.
  • Signal input: Loadcell mV output.
  • Indication: 10 level bar graph display Indication of low & high set limit
  • Adjustments provided: TARE, SPAN
  • Excitation: + 5V DC
  • Set range: Full-scale from lower set level to higher set level
  • Trip output: NC-NO relay contacts (Rating- 230V, 10A AC)Relay is energized when the measured levelis below the higher set limit and is de-energized when the measured level goes above the higher set limit or when any of the faulty conditions occur. State of relay is indicated by the bi-colour LED.

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