Ultrahawke Weighbridge Installed for Steel Manufacturer In South Africa

Ultrahawke Weighbridge Installed for Steel Manufacturer In South Africa
UltraHawke Pty Ltd (South Africa) - An Ultrahawke Weighbridge was recently commissioned for a steel manufacturer producing wire and fencing products in Van Der Bijl Park, 50kms South of Johannesburg in South Africa. The Steel Deck Weighbridge was a turnkey project that also included all civil works and was completed on schedule by Ultrahawke South Africa Pty Ltd based in Pretoria.

Ultrahawke’s Steel Deck Weighbridge measures 24 metres long by 3.2 metres wide with a weighing capacity of 60 tonnes making it suitable for weighing interlink trucks and trailers (B- Doubles). The weighbridge is also used for weighing Bell trucks (articulated dump trucks) carting flyash from the blast furnaces which is sold for use in local road building projects.

Weighbridges for the South Africa market are manufactured in Ultrahawke’s factory at Waltloo in Pretoria under a strict quality control policy with all products conforming to the international OIML standards.

The weighbridge deck is supported by ten Flintec RC3 weighbridge loadcells of 30tonnes capacity each and manufactured in stainless steel rated to IP68 which ideally suits the harsh African environment. A mating Flintec FT11D digital weight indicator generates the weight readings which are then transmitted via an Ethernet connection to the client’s host PC.

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