Weigh-In-Motion Systems in the Philipines by CROSS

Weigh-In-Motion Systems in the Philipines by CROSS

CROSS Zlín, a.s. (Philipines) - CrossWIM is a cutting edge, high-speed, weigh-in-motion system that meets the most demanding criteria for traffic detection and dynamic weighing. CrossWIM is used to gather traffic statistics and facilitates pre-selection and direct enforcement.

It was developed with an emphasis on accuracy, reliability and simplicity. It is suitable for basic, single lane installations through to extensive, multi-lane environments with heavy traffic. CrossWIM is designed as a modular system and can be configured to deliver the precision required. The potential exists to combine various units and build stations suitable for particular applications. Overloaded lorries cause ruts, potholes, damaged edges and costly repairs, easily avoided by diverting them off motorways. CrossWIM systems protect roads, extend their lifetimes and cut costs.

The system uses an automatic profiled counting of vehicles on roads, their classification and measuring of wheel (axle) load, thus determining their weight. Data from the individual driving lanes are obtained using a combination of inductive loops and piezoelectric quartz sensors (optional piezoelectric sensors) in the road. It allows to connect the sensors in several rows in a single lane thereby enhancing measurement accuracy. In one lane there can be added a combination of quartz and piezo sensors to increase the functionality of the system.

Another of our innovations that we can be proud of is the system installation in the Philippines, specifically on the E1 highway near the city of Balagtas with a relatively high traffic intensity. We installed 1 station for 4 lanes, complete with LPR cameras connected to Invipo, which connects technologies and systems, collects and validates data, centralizes control of technologies and systems, delivers smart scenarios, analytical tools and opens data.

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