General Measure Weighing Controller GM9907 Parameter Setting for Packing Process

General Measure Weighing Controller GM9907 Parameter Setting for Packing Process

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - Press Release: In this video, we are going to demonstrate the packing controller GM9907-L2 packing process simulation under the hopper mode.

After the calibration, we need to select the working mode of the instrument. Firstly, we enter the menu. This page includes the calibration, weighing parameters, I/O setting, system maintenance, and other items. In the system maintenance, we can enter scale attributes where we choose the scale’s mode. Here we select the hopper mode. Other parameters remain to the default values. Return to the previous menu, 【peripheral switch】 also can be found in the system maintenance. We can connect to the peripherals we want to use. Then for the I/O setting, we return to the main menu. The system has already set the I/O corresponding to the chosen scale. Normally we use inputs as start, pause, slow stop, and clamp bag; outputs as running, stop, fast feeding, medium feeding, slow feeding, clamp bag, fixed value, finish weighing, zero zone, etc. In general, the I/O set by the system is enough to use. But if we want to use other inputs or outputs, they can also be changed. Back to the main page, we can set the formula parameters. GM9907 has 20 formulas that meet the application needs of packing different materials. Enter recipe 1, we set the target value of 3.50kg, fast feeding as 1.50kg, medium feeding as 1.00kg, dropout value as 0.10kg, zero value as 0.02kg, and prohibition of time as default value. These parameters can determine the time and opening size of the feeding mechanism. The specific instructions can refer to the user manual. In the process parameters setting, we can set the times of different actions during the operation. Here, we use the default value as well. 

Back to the main page, the packing parameters have been set up. We’re going to introduce the functions on the main page, total accumulation, debugging interface, recipe parameters, and peripheral parameters that can be intuitive to see and operate. Here the batch can be set, as well as to view, and delete the total accumulation. On the right side, the recipe parameters can be switched.

Next, we began to simulate the packing process with the hopper mode. Click Start, and wait for the output signal of feeding after the feeding delay. At this time we can fill in the materials. The filling process contains fast feeding, medium feeding, and slow feeding according to the set value. If the weight is over the value of the target value minus the drop value (3.50-0.40), the scale enters the state of the fixed value. Click on the clamp, the scale begins to discharge. When the weight is less than the value of the zero-zone (weight <0.02kg), the discharging is complete. After the discharging delay, output the signal of loosening bag, and the one-pack feeding is completed. On the main page, you can see the accumulation updated. Other specific functional parameters are described in the user manual. Please set parameters according to the needs of applications.

That's all for today's video. We will continue to bring videos of the latest products. Subscribe to General Measure's channel. See you in the next video!

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