WeighPack Systems Opens New Product Unit

WeighPack Systems Opens New Product Unit

WeighPack Systems Inc. (Canada) - WeighPack Systems has opened a new facility dedicated to the design of new packaging solutions. The New Product Unit (NPU) will focus on creating new business opportunities through innovative research and development practices.

Located near the company’s main headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, this standalone facility is tasked with engineering new packaging machines, features and options for its growing client base.

“We felt it was necessary to provide our team with an environment conducive to creativity and experimentation where they could choose their own work schedule, focus on specific goals and ultimately enhance our portfolio of products,” said James Taraborelli, Vice President of Development at WeighPack Systems.

The NPU will house an ever-expanding team of engineers, automation technicians and project management personnel specifically tasked with developing the products that clients need as they continue to automate their packaging processes.

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