What is the Floor Scale costing You?

What is the Floor Scale costing You?

IVDT Solutions Inc. (Canada) - Doing the same thing day in and day out will net the same result. Many people are simply unaware of the impact that change can have on their business because they simply just do not know options exist. For example the use of a floor scale in material handling applications does not always net the best results. Sure you will gain the understanding of what weight is being lifted by the forklift. This knowledge is likely critical to understanding costs associated with weight for purposes of charge out or safely loading trailers or rack. But what are the hidden costs that are not being realized by breaks in productivity cycles trying to find the elusive floor scale in the corner? Is there a different way?

Introducing an on-board SkidWeigh ED series lift truck scale not only tightens forklift productivity cycles but also helps improve material handling processes. SkidWeigh ED series lift truck scales give you the weight of the load within 3 seconds of lifting, eliminating the need for additional travel. However, beyond comparison to a floor scale SkidWeigh ED series lift truck scales can provide, Bluetooth printing options, USB data extraction and wireless forklift to network communication. The systems can also boost any company’s current safety platform by providing access control, overload notification and impact management data. For those companies that really want to improve processes and strive for best in class operational efficiency SkidWeigh systems equipped with the UT utilization software allow give managers detailed data about their business measured in seconds.

SkidWeigh ED series lift truck scales can be installed on any material handling vehicle within 2 hours. Once installed they can be calibrated by anyone in minutes, and stay calibrated without interruption to +/-1% of the lifting capacity of the vehicle. Simple to use, extremely reliable, and able to withstand the harshest material handling environments SkidWeigh is the answer to the floor scale.

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