Rinstrum Wireless Control System Developed for Sheep Farmers

Rinstrum Wireless Control System Developed for Sheep Farmers

Rinstrum Pty Ltd (Australia) - Rinstrum is pleased to have contributed to a new wireless control system developed for Sheep Farmers to measure and monitor Trail Feeding.

This system uses an R420 LUA-Max with a Wi-Fi Modem mounted in the R420 rear housing. It provides a WSI (Web Server Interface) so that feed batching can be controlled from a Smart Device, Phone or Tablet, Android or Apple. Connection to the system is via any Web Browser like Chrome etc. and the LAN local Wi-Fi network provides an approx. 200m network radius.

In order to start batching, the Farmer loads the Feed target weight into the application on their Mobile Device and press the start key. Then the Feed starts running out and the machine automatically shuts off when the target has been reached. Inbuilt timers are used to allow for delays ensuring that the target is reached every single time. The indicator can also be operated manually without the Web Server Interface to continue operations if there are no mobile devices available or within Wi-Fi range. The Battery on the trailer and the Solar Panel makes for a self-contained power source for the unit. This system logs data which is downloadable to the WSI or USB Stick and opened as Excel Spreadsheet.

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