XG3030 added to Rinstrum’s XG Scales Series

XG3030 added to Rinstrum’s XG Scales Series

Rinstrum Pty Ltd (Australia) - Rinstrum’s XG series consists of sturdy economical scales that incorporate an IP65-rated Stainless Steel platform with a tubular frame and an aluminium load cell. Depending on the functionality and environment, the scales can be fitted with a range of indicators.

The following scales are available in the XG Series:

  • XG3030 – 300mm x 300mm (12in x 12in) pan; max capacity of 100kg (220lb) (Newest addition to the range).
  • XG3040 – 300mm x 400mm (12in x 16in) pan; max capacity of 100kg (220lb).
  • XG4050 – 400mm x 500mm (16in x 20in) pan; max capacity of 200kg (440lb).
  • XG5060 – 500mm x 600mm (20in x 24in) pan; max capacity of 300kg (660lb).

XG Scales are built using 304 stainless steel and incorporate overload protection stops. The removable rectangular folded low-sided pan works to deflect splatter. Furthermore, the pans are sturdily built to avoid warping in extreme conditions. The open frame is easy to clean and maintain, and the 2-axis rotating head allows operators to customise their viewing angle.

Compatibility with Rinstrum’s R320, X320, and R400 Series of indicators means that the scales can be outfitted to be used in a wide array of operations. The ABS-housed R320 indicator provides a low-cost option for displaying weight only. The IP68 and IP69K rated X320 indicator can be used in extreme environments. The R400 Series provides two housing options – Stainless Steel and ABS – and has a range of firmware options including batching and basic printing. The R400 series also provides a multi-line display and an alphanumeric keypad. All indicator come with several power options including AC, DC, and Battery.

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