Gram XTREM: The digital era of weighing is born

Gram XTREM: The digital era of weighing is born

Gram Precision S.L. (Spain) - Press Release: Gram XTREM: The digital era of weighing is born.

  • Weighing system with the latest digital technology.
  • Xtrem technology connects the weighing terminal to any Xtrem platform. Complete balance autonomy: all weighing data is stored inside, while the terminals display the information only.
  • Multi-indicator: The platform connects to any indicator or PC connected to the network.
  • Interchangeable indicators needing no adjustment: Quick replacement without interruptions.
  • Total flexibility: data sent by cable or WiFi*.
  • Connects to WiFi network*, with the data sent to any equipment connected to it or to any other IP network.
  • Configurable autozero, for weighing tanks and silos.
  • PC connection via cable or WiFi.

Multi-Equipment: The K3X, K3iX, MK3 and MK3P indicators can be connected via the connection cable, or a PC with the Xtrem PC application. Also, at the same time as the Wifi option, the K3W, K3iW indicators, a PC with Xtrem PC software and the Xtrem app (for IOS or Android) can also be connected wirelessly in a touch terminal. All terminals can interact simultaneously with the platform.

Router connection via the WiFi option. Can be connected to any equipment on the network and from anywhere (depending on the network and router configuration). This connection is independent of the direct cable or WiFi connection.

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