Your Turnkey Solution for Data Integrity and Regulatory Compliance: The New XPR Analytical Balance plus LabX® from Mettler Toledo

Your Turnkey Solution for Data Integrity and Regulatory Compliance: The New XPR Analytical Balance plus LabX® from Mettler Toledo

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - Press Release: Data integrity is critical for compliance in today’s highly regulated labs. METTLER TOLEDO’s new XPR Analytical balance when integrated with LabX® easily captures your data and delivers it to your higher-level lab-management systems. This ability to transfer data securely helps ensure that you can pass your next audit.

With the new METTLER TOLEDO XPR Analytical balance, the latest entry into the company’s Excellence weighing portfolio, it is easier than ever to connect to your network and create a turnkey solution for airtight compliance with the addition of LabX®.

LabX® allows you to centrally control laboratory processes while working directly on the XPR instrument terminal. The robust software platform performs all calculations automatically and provides instant confirmation that results meet predefined tolerances. This helps to ensure accuracy as well as comprehensive regulatory compliance in your most sensitive analytical processes.

The powerful ability to manage and create methods for the XPR Analytical balance along with other Excellence instruments such as pH meters, refractometers, and moisture analyzers gives you full control over your entire workflow. User guidance appears on the balance display, making methods easy to follow, further enhancing accuracy and compliance.

Perhaps most importantly, when you combine LabX® with the XPR Analytical balance, you capture all metadata, eliminate transcription errors, and store data in a secure, centralized database. This makes LabX® an ideal solution for those who must comply with MHRA and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

Make sure your weighing processes are accurate, compliant, and audit-ready. Discover the highest level of data integrity available today with the new XPR Analytical balance from METTLER TOLEDO combined with LabX® software.


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Make sure your weighing processes are accurate, compliant and audit-ready with the newly redesigned XPR Analytical balance from METTLER TOLEDO.

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