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Altheris B.V. (Netherlands)

Altheris B.V. is recognized as a reputable electronics company in The Netherlands (more info). It is our aim to provide cost-effective measurement solutions to scientific and industrial customers. We offer expert technical support about our versatile sensor technologies. Not only is ALTHERIS a leading sensor supplier, we also provide famously branded and customized heavy-duty Joysticks for industrial, maritime and automotive applications.

Established in 1947, ALTHERIS bv Sensors & Controls is an international single source supplier of:

Industrial sensors, strain gauges and precision linear and rotary potentiometers.
Heavy-duty joysticks, industrial trackballs and foot pedals (Human-Machine-Interfaces).
Test- and Measurement instrumentation, data loggers, process converters and displays.
Propeller Shaft Earthing and Potential Monitoring for sea-going vessels (Maritime Division).

Main Products

Displacement, Position and Inclination Sensors, Potentiometers Rotary, Rotary Encoders, Force and Load Sensors, Load Cells, Pressure and Distribution sensors, Torque and Moment Sensors, Strain Gauges, Temperature Sensors, Acceleration Sensors, Vibration and Analysis Sensors, Angular Rate and Gyro Sensors, Joystick Controllers, Trackballs, Foot Pedals, Instrumentation, Pressure film, Heat film, Air flow Measurement, etc.

Contact Details

  • Altheris B.V., Scheveningseweg 15, 2517 KS The Hague, The Netherlands
  • 0031-(0)70 392 44 21
  • 0031-(0)70 364 42 49

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