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APEC - Automated Process Equipment Corporation (United States)

Since 1992, APEC has specialized in the design and manufacturing of ingredient automation equipment and controls for weighing, dosing, mixing, continuous blending, and coating. Our equipment and control systems weigh and control flow rates from grams to tons. We serve a variety of industries with such diverse applications as the automatic formulation of flavored drink mix, rubber products, plastics, cereal products, pet food, animal feed, brake linings, vitamin and mineral supplements, lawn patch, fertilizer, foam, and composite wood products.

Main Products

Continuous Flow Process Equipment, CentriFlow® Dry Mass Flow Meters, Weigh Screw Feeders, Weigh Belt Conveyors, Batch Process Equipment, Scales, Major Scales, Minor Scales, Micro Scales, Liquid Scales, Bulk Super Sacks Dischargers, Individual Ingredient Feeders, Horizontal Ribbon Mixers, Liquid Coating Equipment, Liquid Handling Systems, Material Handling Equipment, Etc.

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  • APEC - Automated Process Equipment Corporation, 1201 North Fourth Avenue, Lake Odessa, MI 48849, USA
  • +1 (616) 374-1000
  • +1 (616) 374-1010

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