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Axtec International Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Axtec International are the export arm of Axle Weight Technology Ltd (Axtec).

Axtec are the only UK company specilising purely in axle load measurement. Our mission is to help our customers to maximise their payloads whilst operating within the law. By maximising payloads, our customers improve their efficiencies, resulting in greater profits, whilst reducing their environmental impact.

From the world's most accurate dynamic weighbridges to the simplicity of OnBoard axle load indicators or the flexibility of portable weighpads, Axtec have the solution to your axle load measuring application

Our weighbridge systems are widely used in transport and distribution, waste and recycling, and many other industries. We are also the sole supplier of enforcement axle weighbridges to the British Government. We take responsibility for all aspects of the weighbridge installation from survey to construction, commissioning, calibration and verification.

Our OnBoard axle load indicator can be applied to vehicles from 3.5t vans and trucks, up to multi-axle 32t rigids. Accurate up to 2.5%. OnBoard constantly displays the individual axle and gross vehicle weights to the driver via a clear graphical display, and warns of overload via audible and visual prompts. OnBoard connects to GPS devices and rear-view cameras to help make the vehcile safer for driver, other road users and pedestrians. OnBoard can typically be fitted in 3 - 4 hours, either by our fitters or, once trained by Axtec, any vehicle engineer.

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OnBoard Axle Load Monitoring Systems
Dynamic Axle Weighbridge
Static Axle Weighbridge
Weigh Pads

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