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Cooperativa Bilanciai (Italy)

Cooperativa Bilanciai began in 1949 when a group of skilled workers in the construction of weighing systems established the first company, which would then be transformed into a Cooperative in 1963. Today, the company Cooperativa Bilanciai operates a modern plant over 22,000 m2 in size located at the confluence of the motorway system linking central Italy to the north and the rest of Europe.

Cooperativa Bilanciai offers our customers not only innovative products, but also comprehensive services (certifications, quality control, preventive maintenance). The company designs and manufactures the entire know-how of the components in the measuring chain for weighing systems, such as: weighbridges, platforms, electronic cells and terminals and machines for pricing weight. It is precisely with the aim of offering an efficient solution to any weighing needs that Bilanciai Group was formed. With our own brands in the sector and a World-wide sales organization.

Main Products

Weighbridges, Weighing platforms, Electronic terminals and printers, Electronic scales, Electronic scales for suspended loads, Hanging scales, Load cells, Weighing kits, Pallet trucks weighing, Forklift weighing, Counting scales, Weigh-pricing scales, Labelling systems, Check weighers, Software.

Contact Details

  • Soc. Coop. Bilanciai Campogalliano, Ferrari Street, N° 16, 41011 Campogalliano (Modena), Italy
  • +39 059 893611
  • +39 059 527079

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