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Rockwell Scales Inc. (United States)

Rockwell Scales has been involved in the scale industry in Montana since 1980. It began as the Great American Salvage Corporation operated under Dan Rockwell. Dan was tearing down grain elevators and reselling the components. When it came time to sell the scales he quickly realized the hidden industry and hired an experienced scale technician to teach him how to install and service mechanical scales. As he entered the industry he discovered that it was heading towards electronic components and load cells. He quickly took the initiative to learn about electronic scales and moved to design his own truck and livestock scales. Rockwell Scales quickly became a well-known and trusted brand of scales in Montana and northern Wyoming.

In 2008 Dan's son Nick, who had been working with Dan since he was thirteen, bought the company and quickly moved to expand. With an economic downturn occurring just after Nick bought the company he realized in order to succeed he would have to lower prices and work harder. In just three short years Nick has exposed Rockwell Scales onto the national marketplace and is becoming a recognized name in the scale industry. Rockwell Scales now boasts over three hundred scales in eight states and four countries with interests coming from as far away as Russia, Egypt, China, Britain, France and Japan. In the coming years, Rockwell Scales is sure to become a global force in the weighing industry. Bringing the dependability of their brand that Montanans know so well, to the rest of the world.

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Truck Scales, Weighbridges, Weigh Indicators, Remote Weigh Displays, Printers, Mining Scales, Industrial Scales, Agricultural Scales, Livestock & Light Truck Scales, Bale Scales, Meat Hook Scales, Etc.

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