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Ukrainian Scale Company (USC) (Ukraine)

The Ukrainian Scale Company (USC) is a team of professionals engaged in the production and installation of automotive and railway weighing platforms. This has been our narrow specialization since 2009. Since then, we have become the largest and most technologically advanced company in Ukraine in our field. Additionally, we are leaders in exporting platforms for automotive scales.

Our extensive practical experience in installation is utilized in designing automotive scales and their components in our own design studio. Therefore, our products are reliable, of excellent quality, easy to assemble, operate, and service. We constantly monitor the ease of installation and the performance of our platforms. Based on this data, we continuously improve the operational characteristics of our platforms.

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From the outset, the enterprise has been focused on ecological sustainability, energy efficiency, occupational safety, and business ethics. Currently, our suppliers include the best and proven global manufacturers: Yaskawa, 3M, PPG, IPG, Esab, Fronius, Keli Sensing, Flintec, and many others.

We are confident that our rich experience in the production and installation of automotive scales, our passion for what we do, and the excellent quality of our products will be a reliable support for your business. We are a trustworthy supplier of platforms for automotive scales. We create cool and convenient things, from start to finish.

We will provide you with:
- Ecological and technological production in Europe
- High-quality products
- Availability of platforms and spare parts
- Efficient logistics
- Simple "Lego-like" design
- Warranty commitments
- Competitive prices
- Responsibility and openness to cooperation

Main Products

Truck scales, Railway scales, Manufacturing platforms according to your drawings

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