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Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Our company's origin actually dates to 1922 when Kawanishi Kikai created a scale manufacturing section, which became the separate company Yamato in 1945. Since then we have established ourselves as a world leader in the weighing equipment and systems industry. Yamato has also expanded into the consumer market by developing new technologies for convenient homeuse health management devices.

Our motto - "Yamato for Technology" - lies at the core of our commitment to satisfy our customer by continually developing new technologies for the creation of high quality products.

As one means of achieving this goal, we have established a stringent company-wide quality control system centered on "Reliability, Technology, and Creativity." In 1994 Yamato became the first company in the scale industry recognized as a designated manufacturer under the new Measurement Law and also achieved certification under the international ISO 9002 standard. In 2002, we have been promoted to ISO 9001:2000. This broad recognition of our high standards of quality reinforces our worldwide leadership position in the scale industry and inspires us to continue to set an example for others to follow. Our focus remains on quality, producing products and services that provide total satisfaction, and developing new tecnologies. In this way we intend to continue our contribution to economic progress and the improvement of people's lives.

Yamato Scale is the worldwide leading manufacturer of multihead weighers and checkweighers. For more than 80 years, Yamato has been at the leading edge of weighing technology, providing its customers with innovative weighing solutions.

Visit our site to gain comprehensive insight into the extensive range of products and solutions we offer our customers.

Be it for weighing, mixing or counting your product, Yamato always has the right solution for your needs.

Do you want to be on the safe side? Then rely on Yamato checkweighers and accessory equipment, as for example metal detectors, to check the end packaging and target weight.

Main Products

Multihead weighers, Multihead scales, Checkweighers, Digital scales, Fixweight scales, Filling and Packaging systems, Inspection / Testing Devices, Tire balancing systems, Axle weighing systems, Load cells, Case packers, Metal detectors, Belt scales, Healthcare scales, …

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  • Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. (Japan), 5-22, Saenba-cho, Akashi, Hyogo, 673-8688 Japan
  • (+81)78-918-5567
  • (+81)78-918-5552

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