Applied Measurements' DBB Series S-Beam Load Cell Range Extended to 10 tonnes

Applied Measurements' DBB Series S-Beam Load Cell Range Extended to 10 tonnes
Applied Measurements Ltd. (UK) - Applied Measurements has announced the expansion of the DBB series of S-Beam load cells to include a 10,000kg /100kN model, extending the already diverse range of potential applications further still.

The DBB range of load cells are generally available ex-stock regardless of capacity, and are easily matched with an array of instrumentation including amplifiers, indicators and digitisers, many of which are also ex-stock. Our S-Beam load cells are used in many applications from hopper weighing and tensile testing to bicycle spoke force measurement and equine research.

For a portable stand-alone system, any DBB load cell can be wired into the AMLTR-150 battery powered, hand held display, while the INT2-L panel mounted indicator is versatile giving you lots of analogue and digital output options. We also carry stock of analogue amplifiers like the miniature ICA series and the high specification SGA series. The DBB S-Beam load cell is bi-directional so can be used in tension and compression.

The more common choice of accompanying instrumentation these days is digital, this is where the DSC-USB comes into its own. It is both compact and powerful, making it the ultimate, easy-to-use plug and play system. With the latest version of free Toolkit software you can view the live readings from the load cell as well as logging the results into a .csv file for further analysis.

The flexible software allows you to change the decimal point and engineering units with the click of a button. To see a free demonstration of the software click here and to download the DSC-USB toolkit. Once you have installed the software simply click the Demo option and you can take a look around.

Ultimately, this means within just a few day you can have a complete digital or analogue measuring system, calibrated to UKAS Traceable Standards, delivered to your door ready to use.

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