New high performance price labelling machine from Bizerba

New high performance price labelling machine from Bizerba
Bizerba (Germany) - Bizerba GLM-Ievo achieves speed up to 200 packages a minute.

Bizerba has developed a new high performance price labelling machine for the food industry: the GLM-Ievo weighs and labels at a speed up to 200 packages a minute. It has a camera checking system for package quality control and it can configure itself automatically when the product is changed via a coded label roll. Thanks to the modular design principle, the system can be assembled individually for different requirements.

In the food industry, production plants are frequently made up of systems from different manufacturers, including inspection systems, packaging machines and price labellers. The technology of each is developing rapidly and brings about the need for continuous adaptation among manufacturers, explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director Industry Solutions at Bizerba: “The performance of the entire plant is thus only ever as strong as its weakest part. If a manufacturer invests in a new device, this should at least be able to keep up with the technological development of adjacent plants.”

GLM-Ievo achieves a flow-rate of up to 200 packages a minute:
The new fully automatic price labelling machine GLM-Ievo 200 offers an as yet unrivalled performance in the industry. It weighs and labels at a flow-rate of up to 200 packages a minute. Conzelmann: “This speed is possible due to the use of an electromagnet compensation balance, among other things. The speed achieved by this has so far not been achieved before on the market. The labeller will therefore be able to keep up with all current packaging machines for the next few years, which implies investment security for the customer.”

Quality Check included: Camera system checks information texts, barcodes and product quality:
Food manufacturers cannot afford to risk losses in product quality which unnerve customers and in the worst cases lead to expensive product recalls. Conzelmann: “We have therefore integrated the Bizerba-Vision-System (BVS) camera system into the new GLM-Ievo. Using automatic text recognition, it checks whether the right texts and the correct shelf life has been printed on the labels and also checks the position of the label and the barcode.” A laser also carries out a sealing check and detects leaking packaging areas and contamination. Conzelmann: “Manufacturers can increase product quality with the BVS and thus strengthen the brand image indirectly.”

Automatic configuration: price labeller detects label rolls by the data matrix code:
To increase production efficiency, the GLM-Ievo has another innovative feature: it can configure itself automatically when products are changed. Conzelmann: “This works via the plug-in-label function. The Bizerba printing plant in Bochum produces labels with a data matrix code on the carrier paper. This contains all the information regarding the product and labelling. The labeller reads the respective information with a scanner while the roll is being inserted and configures itself automatically – for example, it sets the applicators to the correct product height. The user therefore saves a lot of time in day-to-day production.”

Modularity and toolless replacement of belt bodies:
Since systems are almost always in motion and components need to be replaced or extended at regular intervals, it is more important than ever that the systems can be quickly adapted to new spatial configurations. When designing the GLM-Ievo, the developers therefore paid particular attention to flexibility. A wide range of different weighing belts between 300 and 700 millimetres long is available. The system is designed modularly so that feed, separator and weighing belts can be replaced by qualified service personnel and the plant can be adapted to new package sizes. In the case of wear and tear, all belts and belt bodies can be replaced without tools and thus with ease. “With the GLM-Ievo,” says Conzelmann finally, “the customer has a flexible system that it can adapt at any time to new spatial requirements.”


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