First RW316W Revolution from Bilwinco sold in Scandinavia

First RW316W Revolution from Bilwinco sold in Scandinavia
Bilwinco (Denmark) - A major meat producer in Scandinavia bought the first RW316W Revolution Mulithead Weigher with a bucket sizes of 11 liters for his products.

Your productivity is our main concern:
By completely rethinking the way we handle your product, from the product infeed over the centre cone and into the individual hoppers we have accomplished nothing less than a performance leap in this crucial area. Our new Linear Drive* vibrator technology can be set to move any product carefully and efficiently, including difficult products such as wet, sticky/greasy and fragile foodstuffs.

Bilwinco Revolution Series customer benefits at a glance: Less giveaway – Direct weighing ensures 20-30% less giveaway compared to traditional weighers Higher constant throughput of difficult products with Linear Drive vibration*, keeping productivity high and product quality unmatched Lowest Cost Of Ownership (COO) on the market.

Raising the bar for handling wet, sticky and fragile foodstuffs:
Many operators in the foodstuffs industry report difficulties when processing wet, sticky and/or fragile food products. The weighing/packaging industry has so far responded with mechanical feeder solutions, but these tend to be abrasive towards the product as well as having a tendency to separate meat from skin or marinade from meat. The Bilwinco solution goes in another direction – by rethinking the way we vibrate the product from the infeed conveyor to the weighing hoppers we have found a solution that can move any product along fast while showing unprecedented care towards the actual product.

We call our new system Linear Drive vibration. Our new vibrators allow us to set the vibration frequency, amplitude and curve to exactly match the product being conveyed. The direct benefit for our customers is that our new multihead weighers increase the productivity of the weighing line while also raising output quality, especially when dealing with wet, sticky and/or fragile foodstuffs.

The most hygienic multihead weigher available today:
Weigher hygiene is important for product quality and shelf life, for cleaning cost management, but also for changeover times. The new vibrator design has allowed us some very important design improvements when it comes to the hygiene of the whole weigher. The new chassis is very sleek, and even fully assembled the whole unit is very smooth and devoid of horizontal surfaces, meaning there is nowhere for debris to accumulate. Combined with the fact that the design allows for full high-pressure sanitation at 60bar/900psi, it makes periodic as well as product or packaging changeovers twice as fast, each time. To give you an idea of how that will influence your own productivity all you have to do is count the number of line cleaning processes in a day, then split the time consumption in half.

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