CEMEX UK chooses Precia-Molen's VS350 weighbridge

CEMEX UK chooses Precia-Molen's VS350 weighbridge
PRECIA-MOLEN (UK) - Weighing specialist Precia-Molen of Redditch, Worcestershire has recently replaced an ageing weighbridge with the supply and installation of a new VS350 weighbridge at Angerstein Wharf.

Owned and operated by CEMEX UK, Angerstein Wharf is a marine aggregates facility situated on the south bank of the Thames close to the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, London.

Following a replant in 2004 and a further upgrade in 2011 to further increase its supply to the construction market, the site currently hosts a 350tph aggregate washing plant with twin processing lines and also an on-site cement plant.

The raw material processed at Angerstein Wharf is obtained from licensed dredging areas in the Thames estuary and Eastern Channel by two dredging vessels operated by CEMEX UK. Unloaded from self-discharge dredgers three times per week the Angerstein Wharf site is currently processing nearly a million tonnes per annum, from an average 18 hour working day, with approximately 100-150 trucks visiting the site daily.

The installation:
With such a busy site it was therefore imperative to reduce downtime and disruption to the bare minimum with the installation of the new 16 metre long VS350 weighbridge. With careful planning this was achieved by Precia-Molen engineers commencing installation works late afternoon on the Friday, working through the weekend, with the installation complete by Sunday evening.

With the old weighbridge successfully removed by an 80t crane the first task was to extend the existing foundations to accommodate the overhang of the ‘big feet’ arrangement of the new VS350 weighbridge. This required the ‘feet’ to be trimmed down to less than standard size to accommodate the old plinth irregular foundation. Once this had been completed the new weighbridge (supplied in bespoke yellow) was craned into position and secured on the new foundations ready for use.

David Whitby – Plant Manager, commented, “Precia-Molen first understood our operation at Angerstein and then planned and implemented a professional installation. We were very pleased with the installation and the new weighbridge”

The VS350 weighbridge:
Finished in high quality paint, the 16 metre long Precia-Molen VS350 heavy - duty steel weighbridge installed at Angerstein Wharf has a total platform weight of 11 tonnes. Featuring a very robust steel platform the weighbridge is constructed with extremely substantial 686 side beams to provide strength and rigidity to the structure, avoiding flexing of the platform.

Complete integrity of the structure is ensured by a series of RSJ cross members at 0.5m centres which are welded into the side beams ensuring that the 1.5m deck plate is supported by four cross members. Weighbridge plates are fully welded, with angled deflector plates fitted between the side beams, and the platform, preventing a build-up of debris at the side, or below the platform.

The VS350 offers several benefits:
  • Access to the load cells is from the side, for ease of servicing.
  • With only four load cells required for a weighbridge up to 18metres, installation time is reduced.
  • The VS350 can be bolted down to a suitable concrete surface without the need for civil works.
Further installations:
Since the success of the installation at Angerstein Wharf, CEMEX UK have made further investment in new weighbridges and Precia-Molen have subsequently completed an installation at Gilfach Quarry in Wales and have been awarded a third order from CEMEX UK for the supply and installation of a weighbridge at a brownfield site at Tattershall in Lincolnshire.

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