Checkweighing Simplified by A&D Weighing

Checkweighing Simplified by A&D Weighing

A&D Weighing (Australia) - The global launch of an innovative checkweigher, designed by A&D Company, occurred at AUSPACK PLUS 2013 on May 07-10 in Sydney.

The A&D brand is associated with weighing equipment, specifically A&D scales & balances. Now A&D is launching a checkweigher, designed in Japan, to provide a high level of operation specification, but at a low entry price.

The new A&D checkweigher has been designed innovatively from the ground up. A&D’s specialisation is in high speed ‘analogue to digital’ conversion – hence the A&D Company’s logo AD which stands for Analogue to Digital. A&D is a major supplier of automotive engine test bench equipment to Japanese and other car manufacturers. This equipment is used to monitor, measure, control and simulate engines and other automotive components under development. In order to be able to monitor & control engines under stress and running at high rpm, A&D has perfected its digital signal processing (DSP) capability. Through utilising their skill in high speed DSP, A&D engineers have been able to simplify the design of the new checkweigher so that it costs less to manufacturer and is easier to install than current systems.

Checkweighers weigh products that are moving on a conveyor belt at very high speeds. For example, the new A&D checkweigher can weigh up to two hundred 0.5kg products per minute at a 0.1g resolution. Inherently, checkweighers produce many noise & vibration variables. These variables need to be filtered out so that accurate weighing measurement can be conducted. Most manufacturers achieve this by developing very rigid and expensive mechanical structures. They also ‘dampen’ the loadcell in order to minimise the amount of ‘noise’ that accompanies the weighing data. A&D’s specialisation in high speed DSP, allows them to view all variables in virtual slow motion, making it easier for the checkweigher to filter out variables other than weighing data. Because of this, A&D can utilise a simpler, lower cost, mechanical design than its competitors and still provide superior weighing measurement.

A&D have designed the checkweigher to be delivered to site in three ‘flat pack’ cartons. Normally a checkweigher is delivered in a large wooden crate and specialists are required for installation at considerable cost to the customer.

The A&D checkweigher has been developed to be assembled & installed on site by the customer’s local A&D authorised retailer or final customer. If integration of the checkweigher with a PLC/SCADA system is required, A&D Australasia’s sister co. A&D TechEng can assist.

A&D TechEng is a Siemens ‘Solution Partner’ and a Rockwell ‘Recognised System Integrator’ with many years’ experience in providing automation and control solutions to a wide range of industries.

A&D’s philosophy is to design products that are easy to service and do not require special service tools or equipment. This means that A&D’s customers can look forward to years of quality performance from their A&D products with the lowest maintenance costs in the industry. This philosophy of minimising the cost of service allows A&D customers to use local weighing service companies for ongoing maintenance. A&D believes that local technicians, supported by the manufacturer, are a more cost effective way for customers to maintain their weighing equipment.

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