Coop. Bilanciai launched the New Terminal DD700 Panel Mount

Coop. Bilanciai launched the New Terminal DD700 Panel Mount
Coop. Bilanciai (Italy) – “Intelligence Made Easy”.

Standard Features:
  • Compact in design with
  • Batching software
  • Automatic Inflight correction
  • Advanced Digital FIR filtering
  • Product descriptions linked to Setpoints
  • Configurable bright backlit graphical display
  • Interface for analogue or digital loadcells
  • Two USB Interfaces (USB CLIENT-USB HOST)
  • Two serial interface
  • Two Inputs / Outputs
  • Input activated messages
  • Modifiable print layouts
  • Modifiable printable messages and text
  • Modifiable visual messages and text
  • Option cards 4-20mA or 0-10V Analog output
  • Up to 8x Inputs - 8x Outputs
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Profibus DP
  • Wifi

  • Batching (loading/unloading extraction) with Fall and inflight calculation, Display function "Hotkeys", customisable display messages give full control of the weighing process
  • Fully configurable DIGITAL FIR filtering and update speeds allow you to tailor your DD700 to suit your application, giving you fast and accurate weighing results whatever the environmental conditions
  • Download Product, Client, Operator and the daily Weighing result data in CSV format to your local PC via the USB interface or via a network connection for further analysis
  • Customisable display messages and print layouts, a host of standard printer interfaces
  • Ease of use for operators with optional plug in USB keyboard
  • Visualize the display in all light conditions from factory to office environments
  • Interface the terminal with new or existing installations upgrading the weighing system to the latest functionality

The Full Range:
  • DD700 ABS
  • DD700 ic – stainless steel with easy access connectors
  • DD700 i - Stainless steel IP69K with option check-weighing bar graph
  • DD700 Panel Mount

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