Diverseco Case Study: Gluten-Free Checkweighing

Diverseco Case Study: Gluten-Free Checkweighing

Diverseco (Australia) - We were recently approached by a customer who specialises in baked goods that was experiencing issues with their current checkweighing operations within their production line for their gluten-free loaves of bread. We discovered that not only was their competitor-supplied checkweigher providing alarmingly inaccurate weight readings, but the system was incapable of collecting and exporting key product data at this critical control point in their production line.

What is interesting to note is that this particular production line, consisting of gluten-free products, is a high-risk area that requires specific operational conditions to be met from both the systems and operators involved. Hygiene and product purity is a central focus of this operation, and a system that can accommodate these requirements would be a necessity.

WIPOTEC-OCS Checkweighing To The Rescue:

The importance this customer placed on being able to capture and report on specific data was easily facilitated with the provided WIPOTEC-OCS checkweigher – they wanted to have a reliable data stream that provided them with their total product giveaway per production line. This will enable them to have consistently accurate data for down the production line, allowing them to make adjustments further upstream to reduce their overall product giveaway. Prior to this solution, they were not capturing individual weights.

It’s critical for food manufacturers to have effective product inspection and management solutions in place to have greater control over the operations of their production lines. These checkweighing systems essentially provide a snapshot of the integrity of the product being “checked” and “weighed” at critical points in the overall production of the product, commonly placed towards the end of the production line.

The next step in the production line for these gluten-free products is being fed into a thermometer that will ensure the net and gross weight is accurately represented, hence why this checkweigher is found towards the end of the production line.

If you’re looking to enhance your food or beverage production lines with world-leading checkweighing systems that provide highly accurate weight readings and data capture and export capabilities, feel free to reach out to us directly. We’re proudly one of Australia’s leading product inspection experts that combine world-class inspection systems with unrivalled system integration and project management expertise to deliver solutions specific to your unique requirements.

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