Forklift Weighing Scales for Toyota Material Handling

Forklift Weighing Scales for Toyota Material Handling
Accuweigh Pty Ltd. (UK) - Forklift Weighing Scales were recently fitted to a forklift for Toyota’s Materials Handling Division in Beresfield, New South Wales. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch, the Forklift Weighing Scales are part of a nationwide trial of a standardised weighing system for all Toyota forklifts requiring scales to be fitted.

Accuweigh’s LiftLog 100 Forklift Weighing Scales displays the live weight of goods being lifted and features visual and audible overload warning alarms to warn the operator when the SWL of the fork truck has been exceeded. For this specific THM client, a separate alarm is configured to warn the operator when the forklift is lifting items exceeding the SWL of pallet racking using in the warehouse.

These forklift scales are very operator friendly and is fitted with a large LCD display which can be easily read in bright sunlight when the forklift is used externally. Fully sealed to a waterproof IP67 rating to eliminate potential water damage, Accuweigh’s Forklift Weighing Scales also utilise a unique mounting bracket that allows fitting in almost any position.

Other features available in the LiftLog Series of Forklift Weighing Scales include:
  • LiftAlert – a load monitor with early warning of tip-over point for forklifts traversing rough, uneven ground;
  • Speed & Distance 200 – for forklift speed and distance monitoring and speed limit alarms.

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