General Measure PaxGo Bagging filler for Rice Packing

General Measure PaxGo Bagging filler for Rice Packing

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - General Measure and DigitalScale join hands in the Thailand rice packaging market. Recently, there was a new rice mill built up in Thailand and 17 production lines need packing machines. GM PaxGo bag filler machines were applied on the field.

Digitalscale is GM’s strategic partner in Thailand. Their sales and engineering people can provide the Thailand local factories installation, parameter setting, and other after-sales services. General Measure focuses on R&D and manufacturing the bagging filler which is the core part of the packing machine. GM strives to offer better industrial weighing indicators for packing, filling, batching, or bulk scale, check weighers and bag fillers.

General Measure is looking forward to working with more potential partners from all over the world. Contact us for more information.

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