New BISON F Series Bolt-to-Ground Container Lifting and Weighing Solution

New BISON F Series Bolt-to-Ground Container Lifting and Weighing Solution

BISON Group Limited (New Zealand) - Press Release: Offering a lifting solution for every type of operations is a goal BISON had from the start. With existing models like the A, T and X Series all providing a unique alternative for operators, our team realised that there were customers in the market that we hadn’t fully considered –  those searching for a bolt-to-ground solution.

New for 2021, BISON is proud to introduce the C-Lift F (fixed) Series, BISON's new bolt-to-ground container lift with a 32-tonne lift capacity, a transfer time of 5-8 minutes and compatible with all ISO container types including high cubes.

Creating the new model:

BISON engineers have spent countless hours designing and tweaking our container handling systems to ensure they can meet the stringent requirements set by our customers.

However, the development of the F series didn’t follow quite the same path as other models. In what was a lightbulb moment for our product design team, there was an idea to utilise the powerful technology found in the A Series and tweak the structural design, to create a beautifully simple system that provides operators with a permanent container lift for a fraction of the cost of traditional container handling systems.

What Makes the F Series Different:

The F Series is BISON’s only bolt-to-ground container lifting system. Meaning that all hydraulic columns are dynabolted to a dedicated operating environment, providing an area where transport trucks can simply back in, load/offload a container and leave – in a process that takes less than 10 minutes.

Ideal for sites with limited space or no loading docks, the F Series offers advanced safety through the use of permanent guide rails and bollards, providing lorry drivers with a simple environment for loading and unloading containers.

If you need to accommodate for multiple container sizes at the same location, the F Series can be installed with 4 or 6 hydraulic legs, extending your container processing capability to 20’ and 40’ containers.

Available Now:

The F Series is available for purchase now. If you would like to learn more about the F Series or another of our container lifting solutions, get in touch with our sales team today. 


  • 32 Tonne (70,00lb) lift capacity
  • Four and six hoist combinations available for different container lengths 
  • Integrated tilt sensor 
  • Integrated weight sensor
  • Integrated counterbalance valves for hydraulic safety

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