Laumas Elettronica's video about their W Series Weighing Indicators

Laumas Elettronica's video about their W Series Weighing Indicators
Laumas Elettronica S.r.l. (Italy) - Laumas Elettronica, leading company in the sector of industrial weighing, launches the new "W" series line of Weight Indicators, engineered and produced in Italy.

We offer a wide range able to meet all the application needs of the industrial sector:
  • The "W100" series is a simple and economic weight indicator/transmitter for pc/plc:
  • The "W200" series, available also in IP67, IP67 ATEX and IP64 versions, is able to manage simple batching systems with modest costs.
  • The WDOS model, with double display and function keys, represents an economic but high-performance solution for managing even complex batching systems.
  • The "WDESK" and "WINOX" series are available in various versions, also ATEX, depending on the type of display and electrical connection modes required by the application.
  • "WDESK" and "WINOX" models can be mounted equally easy on the front panel, wall, column or table, maintaining nevertheless an extremely high level of IP protection. This installation flexibility means that the customer can purchase the equipment without needing to know in advance, at the time of placing the order, the type of installation that will be necessary.
  • "WINOX" and "WDESK" models have been awarded a European design registration certificate for their original design, while a patent application has been filed for the "WDESK" series. The whole range of Laumas weight indicators is compliant with European Directives 2009/23/EC (NAWI) and 2004/22/EC (MID), and with international recommendations OIML R76 and OIML R61.
Weight indicators "W200", "WDOS", "WDESK" and "WINOX", which standard are fitted with 2 serial outputs, 1 (one) RS232 and 1 (one) RS 485, are able to manage loading/unloading of single or multi-product batching systems, handling up to 99 formulas.

On request, they can be configured with:
  • USB port for saving the batching data, or connecting a PC keyboard
  • Integrated output Modbus RTU , Modbus TCP , Profibus DP , Profinet IO, Ethernet IP , Ethernet TCP/IP , EtherCAT , DeviceNet and CANopen, or weight transmitted by radio.
An interesting features is the option of integrating a TCP/IP Ethernet port on the devices to allow remote access via internet to their web interface from a PC, smartphone or tablet, which the user employs to view the weight value of the indicator and operating constants, and to manage programming and configuration of parameters and formulas.


More information about Laumas’ Weighing Indicators can be found here.

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Other articles from Laumas Elettronica SRL.

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