Strain Systems Announces FREE Level Measurement Feature

Strain Systems Announces FREE Level Measurement Feature
Strain Systems Inc. (USA) - Strain Systems Inc. now offers its level measurement solution, free of charge, to customers who order the company’s StrainCell™-based weight measurement system for silo inventory management.

Because raw materials are bought, consumed, and reconciled in terms of weight, Strain Systems’ products were designed to provide a direct weight measurement for bulk materials stored in silos. However, many customers are accustomed to using level devices and then calculating weight from often-uncertain data. For these customers, the company has incorporated a high-accuracy level measurement feature in its SOLO™ product line, which combines the patented StrainCell sensor with intelligent electronics.

“Measuring level to find weight is not very meaningful due to potential errors,” said Kennan Yilmaz, president of Strain Systems. “We understand that traditionally customers have been using level measurement on specific types of silos since they did not have any alternatives. We are now offering the level measurement to our customers for FREE included in our weight measurement solution. As a result, customers can see silo weight and level on the display at the same time.”

StrainCell-based technology has proven accuracies of 1% of full scale for steel legged silos and within 3% of full scale for steel skirted silos.

With the new, free feature, customers can configure the SOLO measurement system to monitor silo inventories in three ways: a) by weight, b) by level, or c) by both weight and level simultaneously. The SOLO is the first silo inventory management system in the industry offering continuous and simultaneous display of the readings for both weight and level.

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