Multipond’s new 36-head version of their 400 Series Multihead Weighers

Multipond’s new 36-head version of their 400 Series Multihead Weighers
Multipond Wägetechnik GmbH (Germany) - On the back of the incredible success of the 28-head weigher, MULTIPOND has now expanded the high-speed 400 series by adding a 36-head version. After long practical trials of the 28-head weigher, the new 400 series 36-head weigher has arrived. The new multihead weigher, Made in Germany, is now also optimally suited to higher weights of up to 100g, delivering extremely high performance and maximum accuracy.

With up to 500 realistic weighings per minute combined with an appropriate packaging machine, the MP 36-400/400-C is one of the world's fastest combination weighers of its kind. The compact design of the 36-heads enables optimized performance in the smallest of space. The small (0.4l) hopper made from detectable plastic also makes, with its low net weight, an important contribution towards achieving the highest speeds. Depending on product requirements, stainless steel hoppers developed specifically for this purpose can also be used. The overall design of the weigher satisfies even the toughest hygiene requirements for the food industry.

This makes the high speed weigher the ideal solution for weighing up to six soup ingredients, as well as various confectionery items and other small-sized products. The machine was designed to be used even in wet environment without problem.

With this new 36-head weigher, MULTIPOND Wägetechnik is once again re-asserting its position as a leading innovator in the multihead weigher sector. At MULTIPOND Wägetechnik, "Made in Germany" lives up to its promise. All components, from the weigh cell to the frame of a MULTIPOND weigher, are produced in-house, where they are precisely matched to each other and assembled. And so a MULTIPOND multihead weigher rightly deserves its "Made in Germany" endorsement.

Precision in weighing has been the secret of success of the MULTIPOND weighers worldwide for many years. The new 36-head weigher works according to the combination of partial portions principle. The weigher is controlled and operated by a user friendly color touch screen monitor. Product can be changed with ease, as all product contact parts can be replaced without tools. Modifying the parts to suit specific products enables even the most difficult products to be weighed, without compromising optimal performance or weighing accuracy.

The combination between weigher and the "Timing hopper TDSE" patented high speed product transfer system achieves speeds at maximum yield that are 40% higher than conventional timing hopper concepts.

About Multipond
MULTIPOND Wägetechnik is a sales subsidiary of ATOMA GmbH. Established in 1947 and headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, the company has been manufacturing automatic weighing systems for the packaging industry since 1963. All development and production activities take place at the company headquarters in Waldkraiburg, 65 km east of Munich. In addition to a global sales network, products are marketed through four subsidiaries in Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and the USA and supervised on-site.

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