New Miniature S-Type Load Cell “DBSM series” From Bongshin Loadcell

New Miniature S-Type Load Cell “DBSM series” From Bongshin Loadcell

BONGSHIN LOADCELL (South Korea) - Bongshin Loadcell has launched a new miniature S-Beam load cell, DBSM series. The DBSM is designed for applications where space is limited and configured for tension and compression measurements.

DBSM load cell is available for 3/5/10/20/30kg with high accuracy (+/-0.05%) and the built-in overload protection feature offers a 1000% safe overload of rated capacity.

Constructed from 17-4PH stainless steel with encapsulating compound potting, the DBSM is environmentally protected.


  • Rated capacity (R.C.) : 3, 5, 10, 20, 30kg
  • Material :  Stainless Steel
  • Rated output (R.O.) :  2.0mV/V (Norminal)
  • Non-linearity :  ≤0.05% R.O.
  • Hysteresis :  ≤0.05% R.O.
  • Non-repeatability :  ≤0.03% R.O.
  • Creep error :  ≤0.03% in 20min.
  • Zero balance :   ≤2% R.O.
  • Compensated temperature range :   -10 ~ 70°C
  • Operating temperature range : -20 ~ 80°C
  • Temp. effect on rated output : ≤0.04% LOAD/°C
  • Temp. effect on zero balance : ≤0.02% R.O./°C
  • Terminal input resistance : 350 ±5 Ohms
  • Terminal output resistance : 350 ±5 Ohms
  • Insulation resistance (Min.) : 2000 MOhms at 50V DC
  • Excitation voltage :  3~6V(Recommended), 10V(Max.)
  • Electrical connection : Ø3mmx1.5m(28AWG x 4Core Shielded)
  • Protection class :  meets IP 64
  • Safe overload :  1000% R.C

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